Producers are urged to report livestock theft cases


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In recent times the National Stock Theft Prevention Forum (NSTPF) have been involved in many meetings all over the country and it is obvious that the statistics regarding the non-reporting of stock theft cases are not over extrapolated and that stock theft as a crime, is on the rise.

Statistics South Africa reported in 2011 that 36.3% of stock theft cases were not reported by the victims and in 2012 this number rose to 40.1% and in 2013 it increased drastically to 63%. The 2014 victims of crime survey did not evaluate this phenomenon, however Lombaard (2014) found that 75% of sheep theft in the Free State Province is not reported.  Currently these figures are even questioned as information from provinces indicate that the non-reporting are escalating at such a rate that it could currently be as high as 80% to 85% in certain districts. Statistics South Africa confirmed in 2015 that the non-reporting rate has escalated to 67.7%.


These statistics were made available to all role-players in the industry and a plea was made that livestock theft cases must be reported. As of May 2016 it is detected that the number of livestock theft cases are constantly increasing and it is questionable if more livestock theft cases are reported or if more livestock theft crimes are committed.

Since may 2016 a lot of livestock producers in the livestock theft heaven has been subjected to this crime. The areas currently targeted are Gauteng Province with specific reference to Nigel, Devon, Heidelberg, Vereeniging, Barrage and Fochville. In the North West Province areas such as Lindequedrift, Potchefstroom and Venterdorp are targeted.  In the Free State Province areas such as Heilbron, Edenville, Koppies, Kroonstad and Parys are targeted.  It is not strange to find that large numbers of sheep and cattle are stolen, eg. 45 sheep stolen in Edenville  and 35 sheep in Nigel/Devon.  In the Nigel/Devon areas the number of cattle slaughtered per night, varies from 3 to 12 and in the west of Gauteng and the North West Province, the number of cattle stolen and driven for vast distances,  are not a strange occurrence.

The NSTPF makes an urgent plea towards producers to adhere to all the relevant legislation and to count their livestock regularly and in the extreme areas, to even count more than once per day. Producers should also report stock theft cases  immediately to their nearest Police Station.

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27 July 2016


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